Curtain side trailersCurtain Side Trailers (Conestogas)

Use: Best used for hard to tarp loads. Can be used for a variety of shipments.

Very versatile trailers.

We have several conestogas and the dimensions may be slightly different for each.

Useable Space:  L: 52’ W: 100-101” H: 102-104”

Maximum Weight: 47,000#

Curtain Side Step Deck (Step Deck Conestoga)

Curtain Side Step Deck TrailersUse: Best used for tall difficult to tarp loads, such as machinery. Many other uses also, very versatile.

Usable Space

Upper Deck: L: 10’ W: 100” H: 95”
Bottom Deck: L: 41’ W-100” H: 115”

Max Weight: 46,000#

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